New artists on SuperRare


New artists on SuperRare

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New artists to watch

These artists were voted on from this week’s list by members of the editorial and curation teams at SuperRare Labs.


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possession cry

Edition 1 of 1

created by Ahmet Kursat Ciftci | akc

Welcome to the Red Circle 🔴

I’m not myself sometimes

Edition 1 of 1

Odeio a pessoa que me tornei quando ninguém está olhando. 🔴  

Penso, logo recrio e assim existo.

Edition 1 of 1

2022 Pintura/Colagem digital. REF: Odilon Redon figure ,1876 Nicholas Roerich Issa and the Skull of the Giant , 1932. Thomas Waterman Wood Reading the Scriptures, 1874 . . . . Nesse Rio, onde nem o Phelps ia saber nadar. Quem vem daqui sabe que se não fazer nada, vai se afogar. Para se perder aqui é um, dois. Uns para se encontrar dão um, dois. No fluxo de consciência, o estalo. Cria ou criado. Mandar ou ser mandando. Eu não queria falar, mas o Estado ainda vai matar o Estado. No ano do maluco, do céu cai metal No chão, o resultado letal. Afinal. A vida é assim, desenhar sem borracha. E eu faço da minha vida, arte. Podia ser um filme, mas é apenas minha vida. Nesse Brasil paralelo, eu não fiz parte da dança. No livro da história meu nome vai lá. Fiz tudo isso sem portar um AK. Eu andei e escutei muito hahaha. Hoje, eu posso rir. Por que não vai faltar e sim sobrar. Da Aclamação para o mundão De Senador Camará para eternidade. Gringo se derrete. Renascentista da idade das trevas contemporânea. Muita coisa vai acontecer, meu nome você vai ver na tv Minha arte, você vai querer ter. Para aqueles que se foram, um dia a gente vai se ver. Aqui eu vou continuando fazendo o que eu tenho que fazer. AINDA ESTAMOS AQUI.  

New artists on SuperRare

paint lot of colors  

Inner Peace

Edition 1 of 1

Anyone who splashes the color and feels the intoxication will find inner peace.   

Everything might be bigger than the individual but the individual will always stand out. Painter, animator, illustrator, ginger.  


Edition 1 of 1

How overthinking can be toxic to your mindset, by fogging up your mind and stopping you from moving forward as you slowly burn out. An issue that a lot of people struggle with in the pursuit of an idealized perfect outcome that can never be achieved.

Ai Wordsmith, Digital Artist, and Curator of Nostalgia.  

Beach Walk

Edition 1 of 1

Basking in the golden rays of the coast, on a summers day.  

mid-century modern glitch  


Edition 1 of 1

A person I have known for more than ten years, who I consider trustworthy, is convinced the [redacted] will shortly experience a systemic risk. I don’t know anything concrete, but if I were exposed, I would be concerned. I didn’t write that. He did. Since I don’t know any details, I didn’t feel I should edit it. And because I don’t know any details, it’s no use asking me what he means. If you’re reading this, you know as much as I do.  

Argentinian artist. Simulating mash up oils on canvas  

“Art Dealers”

Edition 1 of 1

It seems like a group of art dealers have gathered on some beach in Miami, dressed in sporty, eighties colors, ostenting tokenized artworks made in physical. Let me introduce you to the the most stylish crew in this hood. Hip hop, high end clothing & NFTs. DS 3a5a1a 2022 SuperRare Genesis  

my only limit is your Imagination.  

La Coronación

Edition 1 of 1

La Coronación is part 1 of my cognitive dissonance series. (a series with a twist) Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort a person feels when their behaviour does not align with their values or beliefs. It can also occur when a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time. This too is the story of my life, and my once struggles with opposing belief systems, not necessarily of conflicting truths but more on the mythos of the comedy of the divine and the constant evolution scientific secularism. This too is sublimely alluded to web 2‘s expansion to web 3 and onwards. So this is where my heART showcases a parody of these belief systems with the amalgamation of a social culture of conformists and influencers as well as its cognitive dissonance, if not it’s anti in the purest form. My attempt is too unconsciously and cognitively shortlist pop culture references as well as inert personal emotions into a cluster of chaotic lumps. All my characters are devoid of ocular, olfactory and auditory faculties and sensations save the tongue, the mouth that representation of the visceral nature of man. Introverted or extroverted, this faculty says it all… literally. Along with this recognizable and dominate feature are the extremities of one. One phalange for each…disregard less of evolutionary walk of life. These all represent not only the bizarre mix of reality and dreamscape which is utterly Surreal, but is what I love to coin… the SORE-REAL. A trippy psychedelia influx of whimsical moments and creatures, my loud take on imaginative realism. But there’s more to it because as it suggests, Sore is that pain, that ache, that angriness of life masks in rainbow slushies. I can go on and on, but for now yall be the judge and decipher for yourselves the heART within my ART. None the less La Coronación is the veneration of everything important, everything unimportant, every folly under the sun. the artwork is a digital painting employing Corel painter and Corel photopaint. to be continued….  

My work is described as cinematic photography with strong focus on decor design

The Bookworm

Edition 1 of 1

The story about a lost boy looking for enlightenment through books.


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